>What ever became of the Baryo?


You’ll remember that we had hoped that the village set we left behind might become a Living Museum? That didn’t work out, but instead under the direction of Cooper/Procopio Resabal the Village Background Extras formed the Baryo Amigo Cultural Troupe. Their debut performance was just before the Bohol premier of AMIGO. (See the blog post from Febuary 15, 2011) The latest development is that the Baryo Amigo Cultural Troupe has been asked to open Heritage Month in Bohol on May 9 or 11. Tigum Bol-Anon sa Tibook Kalibutan ( an international organization of Boholanos), has its annual gathering in Bohol this year and it will feature BACT in its program. They have been offered a new package in the form of Scenes in Bohol Republic, more dances, a wedding scene, and possibly, a children’s number and some “harana” (serenade) and funny Boholano ditties. This should also mean some income for the BACT! And since many Toril folks have not seen the BACT’s performance, they have been scheduled to perform for the end of the “Flores de Mayo” (May 30). I am hoping for photos at least, if not some video of the performances. Good luck! Please send us photos or video of the performances. I’d be pleased to post them.

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