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>We slip away to Bohol


Leaving Manila in the rain

Arriving in Bohol in the mist. Remember that strange weather we saw from the patio of Stone House? June is monsoon season and this is Tropical Storm Falcon. It will not go away.

We stop at the wet market in Manga to buy a “unicorn fish” to grill at Dieter and Bee’s.

Cross my beautiful Abatan River, as we did every day on our way to the Baryo set.

And up the hill to Dieter and Bee’s house overlooking Maribojoc Bay.

Lots of new improvements for those of you who have been lucky enough to make the trip up the hill. This house is handmade by the best pandays.

New stairs. Eggs are good luck and you see eggshells decorating the bushes at the entrance of many houses.

A new dog house, but none of the dogs will go in it.

John and I sleep on the porch and watch fireflies gather in the eaves.

We say goodbye at the airport to Bee who is going to Manila with the Rottweiler who needs a hip replacement. Good luck! We’ll miss you. Because Dieter and John and I are off to Cabilao- TS Falcon be damned!

Dieter is smiling but he is also holding on to the little box holding the new addition, Chihuahua Coco. None of us has seen the passage so rough as today in the storm. Bamboo Reef Resort is as pretty as I remember it. Junelle is in charge of the decor.

The waterfront cottage has been converted to an open cabana. We spend most of our time here since the breeze (wind, really, this is a tropical storm) keeps the mosquitoes from biting, and there is no snorkelling on this trip.

On the ritual visit to CROWN weavers to buy my very own bayong (woven shopping bag, for those of you who have missed the other trips) we get happily lost and I see parts of the island I missed before.

Strangely human trees

and a quaint welcome from another time. It’s the day before fiesta (San Juan) and there are lots of people willing to show us the way home.

We load on the sheltered side of the island and for the first time we go around the back of the island, to avoid the worst of the waves.

Sasha and John stay cool

and I get wet. This is the first time we have left Cabilao without some idea of when we’ll be back.

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