>We love Louisiana


It’s hard to leave New Orleans. John has an interview with one of their many excellent radio stations, WRBH Reading Radio for the Blind and Print Handicapped. Here is John with the staff ow WRBH, outside the pretty house which is their office on Magazine Street.

We don’t even get out of the neighborhood before we have JUST ONE MORE MEAL. That’s Fried Oyster Remoulade po’boy at a place just down Magazine Street.

This cute guy tells us “Market Price” for the oysters, and it’s pricey, but we say yes, just like the guy before us did. We shared.

Don’t you love that sign? I wish the rule was universal. Our drive today is only three hours, We cross the Mississippi finally and if you look carefully you can see it’s pretty high to the levees.

(It’s a moving car shot, whaddaya want?) All the talk is of the release of water that may save New Orleans but will surely flood folks in Southwest Louisiana. Which is where we are going, but the release won’t happen till next week. Our destination is Jennings, LA where we lived and had our office for PASSION FISH. Here is Greg and Jean’s pretty house, braggin’ a new paint job.

Greg Marcantel was the mayor of Jennings while we were making PASSION FISH. He and Jean took great care of us and all the crew. We have been back often to visit them here. And we never miss a chance to go out to Lake Arthur, the town where we shot in that beautiful house belonging to Jimmy Mac’s family. And we never miss stopping at the big red crawfish either. Remember it from the movie?

I switch places with Greg and Jean’s daughter Angelique. We’re touched she’s driven down from her job in Baton Rouge to spend some time with us. We have a cup of gumbo and pick up 30 lbs of boiled crawfish. We’ll carry half of that with us to Austin tomorrow and the rest of it we take out to the Marcantel camp for a Cajun feast, with lots of catching up to do.

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