>Today we feel like travelers


We are up early after a good sleep. First stop coffee. Heine’s is a community supporter along with Carmichael’s, and right next door.

Will has suggested a pilgrimage to the best Louisville bakery. We are not disappointed by the doughnuts. Say it like “plains”, and see for yourself.

It’s a long drive to Oxford and we see what we can from the car. Or even the occasional fuel stop. You ever been to Bucksnort?

Moving car photos, my specialty on this trip. Another heartbreaking old cinema on another Main Street in America.

I insist on at least one Scenic Road, the kind that are marked on the map with little blue dots. We go through Holly Springs, a film set practically. Like a Texas town, 19th century buildings in a square surrounding a classic courthouse.

Randomly, Will calls with good news, and we hear that Holly Springs is a great music town. It is the home of R.L. Burnside. As we crossed this old fashioned bridge- we are always looking at the water level in these rivers these days- I said” Do you think this could be the Tallahatchie Bridge”? We looked back to see the sign for the oncoming lane of traffic…and it was! We are having lots of synchronicity on this trip.

From what we hear the flooding may be bad in Memphis. Here we see downed trees everywhere, from the series of tornadoes in April. If you can get it to the street, the county or the city will pick it up to mulch. Big mess.

There’s a time change between Tennessee and Mississippi. In our confusion we left Louisville earlier than we needed to, and so we had time to visit Rowan Oak, the Oxford Mississippi home of William Faulkner.

In this very ordinary room the man wrote many of those important books.

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