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The 20th Anniversary of Passion Fish

Happy Mardi Gras, everyone!

It seems like a fitting day to tell you about a very special happening in Louisiana that recently reminded a lot of people how very special Passion Fish is to the community where it was filmed.


Passion Fish 20th Anniversary Poster

In February of 1993, The Historic Strand Theatre in the town of Jennings, Louisiana hosted the world premiere of John Sayles’s PASSION FISH.

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the premiere, the Strand Theatre once again hosted screenings of the film on February 1st and 2nd, 2013, which received enormous support from local citizens.

PASSION FISH was filmed in this small town and the surrounding area of Southwestern Louisiana, and has become a real point of pride for the members of the community.

Gregory Marcantel, who was Mayor of Jennings at the time the movie was made, reflected on the atmosphere around the 1993 premiere in a recent interview with local media. “When we started talking about having the opportunity to do the premiere, well, the community just came and supported it tremendously,” Marcantel said. “What we did was say we’re going to have a real Hollywood premiere, and we rented klieg lights and we told everybody had to come in evening dress and people were in tuxedos and their evening gowns.”

Read more of that interview with KPLC-TV, and see a video about the 2013 PASSION FISH screening by clicking here.

Unfortunately, Maggie and John weren’t able to attend this screening in Jennings, but they did spend New Years Eve with old friends on the bayou, right where the movie was made.

John and Maggie on New Year's Day, 2013

PASSION FISH holds a very important place in the hearts of the people of Southwest Louisiana, and many movie-lovers all over the world.  And the Louisiana of May-Alice and Chantelle is still very special to the filmmakers, as well.

If you missed the screening in Jennings, you can check out PASSION FISH on DVD or Netflix Watch Instantly.

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