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Tay Strathairn and Dawes open for Mumford & Sons

On August 1st, Tay Strathairn with his band Dawes opened for Mumford & Sons on Pier A in Hoboken.

Tay is the son of John and Maggie’s good friends and frequent collaborators David Strathairn and Logan Goodman.

Maggie shared this sweet picture of Tay and his mom Logan just before Dawes took the stage. reports that the crowd for the folk-rock show was estimated at 15,000 — the largest crowd ever at Pier A!  The article also states that “Fans stood cheerfully shoulder to shoulder all evening, clapping, dancing, and singing along.”  I can attest that Maggie and Logan had a wonderful time.

Logan Goodman and Tay Strathairn

To find out more about Dawes and where they’ll be playing next, visit their official band site by clicking here.

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