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At Nicole and Dirksens’ we have a little supper and then crash. My first solid sleep since we started and now I think I don’t have Lyme’s Disease, just fatigue, because I wake up ready for a Girls’ Day Off. First, a class at Willow Street Yoga in Takoma Park and then an excellent and overdue pedicure-manicure with Nicole. All of a sudden we realize the Busboys and Poets reading is at 6pm! Luckily we can take the Metro

Busboys and Poets is a busy cafe restaurant with a small bookstore and a nice room for readings, sponsored by Teaching for Change. It’s a nice change for me to have a beer while I listen to a good story, “Shave and a Haircut”. Noah Grace and her friends are cool, and they enjoy it

John reads standing up, holding the notebook in which he has reprinted the stories in large type- no reading glasses necessary. Maureen O’Connor will be reading from her book about VISTA called “Knocking on Doors” at Busboys and Poets May 11. Maybe she’ll ask for a podium. After a few days on the tour, I look forward to seeing who might turn up.

Michael Sullivan! Michael-along with Betsy and Jay- defended John when he was falsely accused of plagiarism (for PASSION FISH, can you imagine) and he has been our friend ever since.

Fredricka and Robin Cramer!

And Teaching for Changes bookstore assistant LaTissa Mitchell looking like they sold a lot of books! Now back to Takoma Park for delicious lamb chops and fun around the table with Nicole, Dirksen, and their great kids. And another great night of sleep. Moving out tomorrow for the long haul.

Below are some notes and links provided by Teaching for Changes/ Busboys and Poets. Take a look:

•You can hear John reading at Busboys and Poets:

•You can see their photo album from the event:

•The Zinn Education Project: ,

•Moment in the Sun will be a recommended resource in the summer issue of Rethinking Schools which goes to newsstands all over the country and online. It is rare to have a novel for adults featured in the journal. They do good things:

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