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>Seattle, our northermost stop


Kate Tesar and Damon Jorgenson are our hosts. Kate has made her pretty house prettier since she moved full time to Seattle from Juneau, where we met years ago.

Through Kate we met Glenda Carino and through Glenda we met Peter Bacho. Peter and Glenda are going to help us let the Filipino community of the Pacific Northwest know about AMIGO. Just watch us.

Kate is in charge of us tonight. She escorts our growing entourage to the Tin Room in the Oddfellows Hall. Look at us with our good pals Pam and Steve Lang. They are all tanned which means they have not been in the rainy Northwest, but in their place in sunny Arizona. We are at Elliott Bay, another great independent bookstore. Look at the line-up of authors tonight.

Here are Karen and Greg with John

They have to set up extra seats to fit everyone who straggles in: rain and terrible Seattle traffic. John reads “Salvation” which is set in Seattle. Steve Earle stopped in to say hi to John. Glenda, will you send me a photo? We sleep well in this comfortable house, and say goodbye in a drizzling rain.

Thanks, Kate. You’re a pal.

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