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It’s always sweet for John and me to be in Santa Barbara. It’s beautiful, we lived there in the late 70’s, and we have good friends there. Here’s Mimi Kaupe, our hostess.

And around the table in Mark Piznarski and Mimi’s backyard, Perry Lang, Luke’s excellent new girlfriend Lauren, Luke Renzi-Robertson, Mark himself, Sage Parker, Mimi, and John. So nice to be with friends after bad traffic and a ridiculous detour on 101. When Mimi and Mark first moved to Santa Barbara, we walked by Chaucer’s Bookstore and I said, “This will be your local bookstore.” It is, and it is the location of John’s reading today.

A nice introduction by the manager to a rather small group of very keen listeners.

It was fun for me to have my nephew Luke here. (Go back to Austin and you’ll see his sisters Jessie and Rachel at BookPeople). We go back to Mimi and Mark’s guest house, a pretty place to wake up in and a hard place to leave.

For Mimi’s many friends, a more detailed look of the house a garden, on which she has worked so hard.

It would be nice to stay, but the road calls.

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