>Route 66


We stopped in Holbrook, at the advice of the AAA Travel Guide to Arizona and New Mexico. A mob of Norwegian bikers may have used the same reference book, because they sat down right after us. Nice, nice ladies running it.

John chose the Chiles Rellenos.

And afterwards he asked me to take his picture with this dinosaur, which surprised me.

Little Holbrook, visited by so many foreigners, in love with a road.

Moving car shot. I’m pretty sure it’s a blade for a wind turbine. Watch the land change and the sky get really weird.

How about this cloud, right over Kingman?

At home when the clouds move in, we have rain or snow. Here it brings wind. Since John and I drove across the country, the Motel has seen a big upgrade. Look how swell this room is, in our Best Western Kings Inn.

The only thing is, at the same time we are reminded that we can Save the Environment and re-use our towels and ask to have the sheets changed less often, what about all those pillow cases? Nobody can use that many pillows. I am sorry the light has gone because downtown Kingman would be much prettier in that late afternoon Southwestern sunlight.

Can you have fun in Kingman? You can have a good steak (or chicken fried steak if you are John) at Dambar’s.

See some stuffed animals,

And an old friend from the MATEWAN Art Department, Bill McKinney.

Bill leads a team of 30 West Virginians revamping WalMart’s. He is here in Kingman doing just that. We are happy with our bed at the BW, but I miss the old neon that Route 66 was famous for.

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