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Reactions: “Go For Sisters” at SXSW

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“A run for the border as gripping and complex as his 1996 Lone Star… The hunt is fraught with tension, though Sayles – as always, keeping the action at street level and vividly filling the screen with a culture’s sights, sounds, and rich, distinctive characters – makes us as concerned for the fate of two women’s friendship as for a man’s life.”

— Robert Faires, The Austin Chronicle

“John Sayles’ working-class obsessions are put to good use in borderland detective tale… Sisters knows exactly what it’s doing.”

— John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter

“Ever since Return of the Secaucas 7, Sayles has managed to explore the nuances of interpersonal dramas with undeniable finesse.”

— Eric Kohn, Indiewire

Go for Sisters is an original, artfully blending humor and drama as these three journey to Mexico from California. The performances here are what you expect from a Sayles film: powerful and understated.”

–Elizabeth Stoddard, The Austin Film Society

“Sayles continues to focus on depth of character above and beyond anything else, which is surely a good thing, providing richness to his stories most of his contemporaries don’t bother with.”

— Joshua Starnes,

GO FOR SISTERS is very entertaining, emotionally satisfying, well-acted buddy/road trip/sleuthing film–all done the John Sayles way. #sxsw

@tvoronfilm, via Twitter

GO FOR SISTERS: John Sayles. Likable, low-key mystery noir about 2 L.A. women searching for one’s son. A bit overlong, but good. #sxsw

@EricDSnider, via Twitter

Go for Sisters: the plot of an airport novel, the music and fades to black of a TV movie, and three nicely lived-in lead performances. #sxsw

‏@williambgoss, via Twitter

photo via The Austin Film Society

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