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>Oxford Mississippi, Square Books.


Do you ever get tired of spelling M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I? Well, it’s easier to say out loud than to type. We stayed in a really nice little hotel.

All the pleasures of a B&B-historical building full of character-with absent hosts, my favorite kind. And a short pretty walk to the Square. First we went to the wrong building

And then to the right one. Square Books has two storefronts and this spacious place is great for readings.

By now I am sure we’ll meet someone we know, wherever we go. Here it is Peter and Marnie Frost, Williams College and Williamstown connection, friends of my parents Helen and Ralph.

Hi, Mom, Hi Dad. Many of the readings start with a little wine and cheese warm up. I welcome that after a long day of driving.

A nice crowd of about 50 wandered in and John read and answered questions and signed books. Here he is with some of the Square books staff.

Richard and Lisa, owners of Square Books, were wonderful hosts. Here is John with Richard on his left.

I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture of Lisa who is a hostess after my own heart, having fun while making sure everyone else has fun. We jammed onto the balcony of City Grocery and did not go to bed right away. Here is that balcony without us, the next morning.

You can have some fun in Oxford if you make friends at Square Books.

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