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News from Bohol

We have had an update on the goings-on in Bohol, Philippines, from Cooper Resabal (our Second Second Assistant Director and John’s Assistant on the AMIGO set):

We’re excited to tell you that we have re-launched our project [formerly the Baryo Living Museum] as Bol-anon Village Cultural Trails.  The Baryo Amigo Cultural Troupe are playing a big role in providing people not just in playing the 1900s scenarios we require, but also in cooking Boholano cuisine, singing Bohol songs, and of course dancing and trekking, etc. This has been our rehabilitation program after that big quake that hit Bohol last Oct 15. There are Volunteer Tourists who come and build rehabilitation houses (designed as Boholano bamboo cottage) and experience cultural trails as well, including a nature trek that ends in a bamboo rafting in the river where we filed scenes in AMIGO! Nino is in charge of that Nature Experience Trail– with scenarios of Katipuneros running beside the river bank, and 1900s women washing clothes there. Next week, we have 150 volunteer tourists who booked the trail!

Bol-anon Village Cultural Trails

Bol-anon Village Cultural Trails

Bol-anon Village Cultural Trails

We are thrilled to hear that the people of Bohol are celebrating their heritage as a means of community recovery from the national disasters that hit the Philippines last year.

We can’t wait to see what’s next for the Bol-anon Village Cultural Trails!

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