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New Web Series: Talents

John Sayles has been called “The Godfather of American Independent Cinema,” and has always been known for finding a way to make the movies he wants to make, the way he wants to make them.

In this day and age of digital media and web-based content, some of the most determined up-and-coming indie filmmakers are finding a new avenue for storytelling: the web series.  While self-producing a web series may not follow the exact same set of steps as creating a TV show or movie, some basic principles are the same: great story, great collaborators, and start-up funds are all essential.

We now live in a time when we have more opportunities than ever to “vote with our wallets” for the kind of entertainment we want to see made.  Take, for example, the start-up web series previewed below, called Talents.  Co-creator and writer Nicholas Laskin is a long-time friend of John and Maggie, and his latest project is both heartfelt and character-driven (the kind of stories we really like).

Talents is a seriocomic look at a group of offbeat characters – dreamers, eccentrics, storytellers and kids who are just trying to figure it out – who all work at a formerly-great art house movie theatre in Los Angeles. Our characters look at life through the lens of film fiction: a surreal trajectory full of unbelievable twists, third-act reveals and magical moments that transcend the banality of their otherwise unexciting lives. Talents is a darkly humorous and ultimately sympathetic ode to the power of movies and weighing one’s fantasies against the reality of their own life.”

If you would like to help Talents to find its feet and reach its potential, donating is as easy as clicking over to the project’s Kickstarter Page and pledging a few dollars.  You can also keep up with production on Facebook.

The future of indie storytelling seems to be simultaneously novel and familiar.


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