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MUST READ: Cari Beauchamp’s My First Time in Hollywood

More than forty Hollywood legends including Mary Pickford, Harold Lloyd, Myrna Loy, and Cecil B. DeMille recount their first trip to Hollywood in Cari Beauchamp’s My First Time in Hollywood. Drawing from a wide array of archives, the new anthology sheds light on the beginning days of Hollywood and the siren call that brought aspiring actors, directors, screenwriters, cinematographers, and editors to Los Angeles.

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Cari Beauchamp is an award winning historian, documentary filmmaker, and author of Without Lying Down: Frances Marion and the Powerful Women of Early Hollywood and Adventures of a Hollywood Secretary. She brings her love of history and dedication to women’s rights to her writing about film and has twice been named the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Film Scholar.

John read Cari’s latest and this is what he had to say about it:

My First Time in Hollywood puts us in the heads of dozens of remarkable people who fell in love with moving images on a screen and set off to put themselves ‘in the picture.’ Cari Beauchamp has curated a gallery of hopes, illusions, and keen observation, notable for its portrait of early Hollywood and its insight into our human longing to be part of something transcendent.”

You can purchase My First Time in Hollywood on Amazon here.

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