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Carmichael’s Bookstore could be the model for an independent bookstore. It’s tiny, focused on community activities, unabashedly Progressive, and warm and welcoming. Did I already say tiny?

Will introduced John. He talked about learning from the making of MATEWAN that the way the work is made is as important as what is made: not by any means necessary. He says he carries that approach in his own work, which made John and me feel good. I think there may have been 120 people sitting and standing in this tiny room. They heard “In the Temple” which is the initiation of Diosdado into the Katipunan.

And then they bought a lot of books. People brought their old Sayles’ collections to be signed and several of these smart booksellers have copies of the “mother books” to sell.

Here are many of the smart booksellers. Carol above in the pink owns Carmichael’s. I wish I could remember the name of the woman in the lower photo. She is the energetic saleswoman representing McSweeney’s for Publishers West, which sells to the stores. We should all like our jobs as much as she likes hers. When we planned this trip we vowed not to have dinner after the readings. Just go to bed and get up again. But we’re with Will and he says the one magic word “Barbecue?” and here we are

We take it back to Will’s house where he mixes a delicious Woodford’s with bitters. Bourbon and BBQ. What could be a better way to end a night in Louisville?

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