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Luis Jimenez: From the Barrio to the Smithsonian

Please take a look at this forthcoming project from Cesar Alejandro, an old friend of John and Maggie’s who played the fighting cock trainer in AMIGO.

Cesar is working to make a documentary about the life and art of Luis Jimenez, the first Latino/Hispanic sculptor to come to National and International prominence in the United States.

Luis opened roads when there were none, back in the 60s, when embracing your roots and surviving weren’t two things that could go well together. Help us make a documentary about a Hispanic/Latino artist that opened roads for all artists to embrace their roots, but create American art at the same time. Help us to show young kids, not only Hispanic/Latino kids, but all kids from underserved areas, like Luis was, that with talent and dedication one can make a difference in the World.

You can read more about the artist and the project in this El Paso Times article by clicking here, or watching the video below.

If you are interested in learning more and helping to fund this documentary effort, based in El Paso, please visit the project’s Kickstarter page by clicking here.

With your help, we can aid independent documentarians in the telling of stories from every part of American society, to inspire us all.

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