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Keep It Down — A New LP from Lorenzo Wolff

We’d love to introduce you to Lorenzo Wolff and spread the word about his new 9-song LP, Keep It Down.

Lorenzo is a fantastic musician and an excellent songwriter who has been hard at work on this solo album for over a year, and recently launched it into the world on his website,

“Zo’s just released his first album, which mines some of the richest veins in rock and rockabilly and regrooves them under funky basslines and lyrics that are both smart and smartass. The playing is top notch and features the extraordinary sax of Steve Elson, which gives the fantastic opening rocker A Sides, a Springsteen-like feel, back when Springsteen was having fun. Zo calls this album Keep It Down, but don’t: it’s meant to be played loud, as loud as it gets.” — Jeff St. Clair, Editor of CounterPunch

Keep It Down is available as a CD for $10, or as a name-your-price download via the website.  You can also listen to Lorenzo’s music by clicking here, and like him on Facebook here.

Keep independent music alive and well by supporting passion projects like Keep It Down!


Rock&Rap Confidential Reviews Lorenzo Wolff:

Keep It Down, Lorenzo Wolff (– God helps those who hype the sons of RRC, but it’s easy when the work is this good. A bass player by rep, Wolff’s guileless vocal style suits these intimate portraits of characters struggling to speak truths others would rather not hear. The doo wop-accented tale of date rape, “Big Clumsy Hands,” and the secret life lived in the all-but-whispered “Quietly” take the intimacy to its most vulnerable places. The rocking album closer, “I-95”, fights for what “matters to me” no matter how the world wants to damp that down. As on so many fine records, that closing fight adds another level of meaning to the album opener, “A-Sides,” a Jersey Shore rocker that insists, “Turn it up a little bit louder, turn it up, turn it up, TURN IT UP!”

Go Lorenzo!

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