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July 2015 Update: Where to Watch John Sayles’ Films Online (U.S.)

Here at Anarchists’ Convention, we’re thrilled that more and more of John’s films are available to more of you, so we’ve updated our list of where to watch his films to make it even easier for you to find them.

The list of John Sayles films at your fingertips has kept growing, with BABY IT’S YOU and THE SECRET OF ROAN INISH newly available on Blu-Ray and Netflix, respectively. Fortunately, the number of hard-to-find films has been shrinking steadily over the past few years.Unfortunately, MATEWAN and MEN WITH GUNS are not currently available for streaming or download. We’ll continue to do our best to make those films available to you, too.

We’ll make sure to continue updating this list because many of these digital channels rotate their titles regularly. If we missed any, please let us know in the comments section.

Here’s our list of how and where you can watch (almost) all of John’s movies in the United States, as of July 2015:

Return of The Secaucus 7 (1979): Hulu (free), iTunes, SundanceNow

Lianna (1983): Amazon, Netflix, iTunes, SundanceNow

Baby It’s You (1983): Olive Films or Amazon (buy on Blu-Ray)

The Brother From Another Planet (1984):  Amazon, Netflix, iTunes, IndieFlix

Eight Men Out (1988): Amazon,  iTunes, Vudu, Xbox Video, DirecTV, Google Play, Youtube Pay

City Of Hope (1991): Amazon, iTunes, Flixster, Xbox Video, Vudu, CinemaNow, Google Play, Youtube Pay

Passion Fish (1992): Netflix

The Secret of Roan Inish (1994): Amazon (streaming and DVD), Netflix, iTunes, Vudu, Google Play, Youtube Pay, Xbox Video

Lone Star (1996): iTunes, Vudu, Google Play, Youtube Pay

Limbo (1999): Amazon, iTunes, Xbox Video, CinemaNow, Flixster, Vudu, Google Play, Youtube Pay

Girlfight (2000) Produced by John and Maggie, Directed by Karyn Kusama: Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, Flixster, CinemaNow, DirecTV, Xbox Video, Google Play

Sunshine State (2002): Amazon,  iTunes, Vudu, Flixster, CinemaNow, DirecTV, Xbox Video

Casa De Los Babys (2003): Amazon, iTunes, Hulu+, SundanceNow

Silver City (2004): Hulu, Amazon (buy on DVD), Youtube Pay

Honeydripper (2007): Amazon, iTunes, Hulu

Amigo (2011): Amazon, iTunes, Hulu+, Flixster, Anarchists’ Convention (buy on DVD)

Go For Sisters (2013): Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Youtube Pay, Vudu

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