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John Wins Lifetime Achievement PROGIE Award


We recently learned that John has won the 2013 Lifetime Achievement PROGIE Award from The Progressive.

John shares this award with co-winner Robert Redford.

The Progressive writes:

Since 1979’s “The Return of the Secaucus Seven” — a look back at ’60s student radicalism — writer/director John Sayles has displayed a singular, independent vision. 1983’s “Lianna” dealt with lesbianism long before it was chic to do so; 1984’s “The Brother From Another Planet” tackled racism; while 1987’s “Matewan” was a hard hitting epic about class struggle. The feisty Sayles continues to maintain his autonomy from the Hollywood studio system (although he occasionally writes commercial scripts). His 2010 “Amigo” depicts Filipinos’ struggle for independence (the quality Sayles has always admired) against occupying Americans around 1900 in a rumination on U.S. empire with a contemporary resonance.

The Progressive also gives out awards in categories such as “Best Portrayal of People of Color” (2013 Winner: 12 Years a Slave) and “Best Subversive Satirical Film” (2013 Winner: The Wolf of Wall Street).

For a full list of 2013 PROGIE winners, click here.

And now a quick travel update!

John and Maggie were in Colombia this month for the 54th FICCI film festival.  Here they are at Restaurante Maria for a FICCI event, with Sam Fares from SONY Latin America and a colleague from Japan.  Maggie tells us that the trip was “So much fun!”

John and Maggie at a FICCI event with Sam Fares and a colleague.

John and Maggie at a FICCI event with Sam Fares and a colleague.

And here they are at Bar Malagana with the FICCI Festival’s Director, Monika Wagenberg (Superwoman).

John and Maggie with Monika Wagenberg

John and Maggie with Monika Wagenberg

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