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John & Maggie Drive to California

Happy New Year! If you've been following us on social media, you know John & Maggie have been on a road trip to California. Here is our latest post from Maggie. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for photos and more! - JS Social Media Team

Two hawks on one branch to start us in another foggy morning.

Cows all along this trip starting in PA. Some snobs sneer at interstate travel but on this route we have seen many hawks and farms and trees and the land as it changes. Seeing wind farms and oil rigs, more cows, and finally feedlots which are not picturesque. Sing to Merle and Ray Charles “America”. More USA signs and fewer masks as we go. Just recommendations to wash your hands. Seat dancing to Steve Earle. A lot of country on JS Playlists. We finish listening to a wonderful Northern Irish actor read “say Nothing” a powerful book set in the “Troubles”. Also the second season of This Land, made by Cherokee journalist Rebecca Nagler. Highly recommend both seasons. It’s a long way across OK and then the TX panhandle. I’ll never feel the same about TX until human rights are returned to all its citizens. Here and above in the panhandle of OK is the site of the worst of the Dust Bowl, so we are talking about Tim Egan’s powerful book The Worst Hard Time. We switch to Spanish music and sing along to Ojos Verdes and Paloma Negra and dance to cumbia which is great driving music. 25mph winds from the south and building. It is a relief to be welcomed to New Mexico. I adore the Hotel Castañeda.

Feliz Año Nuevo - Maggie

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