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John and Maggie in Michigan for U-M Symposium and Cinetopia

John and Maggie are heading to Michigan for the public unveiling of the John Sayles Archive at the University of Michigan.

Leading up to the ribbon cutting ceremony (June 4th), U-M will host an all-day symposium in conjunction with the Cinetopia International Film Festival. Titled “Declarations of Independence: John Sayles as Author, Auteur, Founding Father,” the symposium will feature three panel discussions focusing on different facets of John’s work. Topics include John’s extensive screenwriting career, his continued exploration of social injustices, and the changing world of independent cinema. The panels will feature two of John and Maggie’s favorite collaborators: composer Mason Daring and actor David Strathairn. For a detailed list of the symposium events click here.

As we announced last fall, John and Maggie donated more than 230 boxes of documents and materials from their career to the University of Michigan. John and Maggie are excited for the chance to meet the archivists responsible for organizing and compiling the donated materials and to check out the U-M student-produced exhibit titled “Sayles Pitch.” The walk-through display is open to visitors through July 10. Check out the video below:

The Cinetopia Film Festival will also screen three of John’s films in the days following the symposium: “GO FOR SISTER” (2013), “SILVER CITY” (2004) and “LONE STAR” (1996). While the symposium events are free, tickets for the screenings must be purchased through the festival. For more information, visit the Cinetopia website here.

If you’re in the Detroit or Ann Arbor area next week be sure to check out the John Sayles Symposium and the Cinetopia Film Festival. We’ll be tweeting and posting updates throughout the week!

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