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I’ve been away

Did you miss me? I have actually had some time off-and I’ll be doing more of that, just watch me-but we haven’t stopped promoting AMIGO and MOMENT IN THE SUN.

I’m going to work backwards, and take you to the most recent stop on our American Lakbay/Tour: The Sixth Annual Sanibel Writers Workshop. John was the keynote speaker and also read from the Tampa chapter to a warm crowd of about 300. Speaking of warm, thank you to Tom De Marchi for the invitation-once accepted, we cooked up a mini-tour of Florida and Louisiana, follow us along. For more about the conference,  go to 

Here’s Tom with John. Florida Gulf Coast University is very lucky to have teachers as enthusiastic as Tom and his wife Karen Tolchin. Their students had to buy John’s book!

Here are some getting autographs. Here is the view, through the screen of our 2nd floor lanai, of the beach on Sanibel Island.

We fled New York after 9.5 inches of snow and 4 days without power. We deserve a view of the Gulf.

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