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>I-5 North to Yreka CA and on to Portland


First, John does a radio call-in show (Salt Lake City?) from the hotel room. They ask him to read from his book but he doesn’t have a copy in the room, so they scan and send it-sideways. And that is how he reads it. He is a very good sport about everything and is having a very good time on this trip. We have been to all 50 states in the U.S. That’s right, all 50. But we have never driven north from San Francisco area through central California.

The early part is familiar, with those yellow hills dotted with dark green live oaks, and then vineyards and orchards. We stop for lunch at one of those joints that must have grown and added on over the years of serving travelers.

Very right wing newspaper. And a pick up full of dieties.

Rice fields. Pretty crazy considering this is a dry area.

Olive orchards make more sense. And they explain why the muffaletta mix on at Granzella’s was so good. All of a sudden we are in Lake Shasta country. I’m sorry these photos can’t capture it. We are enchanted by a place we’ve never been.

Yreka is a night off and we arrive early enough to wander the historical center a bit before dinner. The motel wasn’t special and neither was the Thai dinner, but the town is pretty with many buildings preserved and labeled.

Spring is just fully arrived here. See the wisteria just blooming now.

This plaque reminds us that Yreka Bakery is a palindrome.

Wonderful lattice. In the morning I drop off John for a haircut in this great old barbershop.

I go off in search of coffee and am served cheerfully. This is a nice town.

And we are back on the road, north towards Portland.

Farmland and spectacular snow covered mountains.

What can this crop be? All white flowers. We stop in Corvallis where John signs stock at Grassroots Books. They are happy to see him.

Have you noticed it’s a sunny day? We check into our Portland hotel, The Mark Spencer. Updated, very comfortable and the kitchen is from 1960.

Bernadette Spear, daughter of Andy and Nancy Spear from Juneau, has organized dinner at Little Bird. I am happy to see her and grateful she did the organizing. I get tired of being in charge.

We are joined by Daniel and Marta’s friends Kimberly and Jeffrey St. Clair, and with Jeffrey and John below, Bernadette’s boyfriend Kyle. Good company and great, plump mussels with a crisp Willamette Valley chardonnay. Just what I wanted.

And we are off to the Holy of Holies, Powell’s. New and used books side by side in a spacious, beautifully organized store. The place is packed and John reads “Commerce”. I love the chapters with Hod and Addie Lee.

Look who’s here!Clifton James from EIGHT MEN OUT, LONESTAR, and SUNSHINE STATE. We were so happy to see him that we forgot to get his contact information. Anybody out there know where Cliff is?

Then Kathy Hayes’ daughter. Tiffany?

And Barb and Tom Rea’s son Adam with very cute Courtney.

These guys must be really proud to work at such a great bookstore. POWELL’S!

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