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Helen Renzi, Maggie’s extraordinary mother, finished up on 7.14.12

Some sad news to report today: Maggie’s wonderful mother, Helen Agnes Theresa Greco Renzi, passed away last Saturday at the age of 88.

Helen Renzi

Here is just a little bit of information for those who didn’t get to meet this truly incredible woman:

During her 25 year career in the Williamstown Public Schools, she served as an elementary school teacher, a principal, and a superintendent of schools. The elementary school named its multi-purpose room after Mrs. Renzi, where in her honor each year since 1986 the Helen G. Renzi Award is given to four “great kids” from the sixth grade. She was a lector at St Patrick’s Church and volunteered at the Milne Public Library, The Women’s Exchange, North Berkshire Hospice, and Child Care of the Berkshires. In 1996 she received the Faith Scarborough Community Service Award.

To read the full obituary, click here.

The thoughts of The John Sayles Blogger–and, I am sure, many of you–are with Maggie and John at this difficult time.

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