Good Works and Giving Tuesday

You may have heard that today is Giving Tuesday, which is the charitable giving cohort to shopping on Black Friday.

In the spirit of Giving Tuesday, we’d like to draw attention to the great work of the Amigo For Bohol team, and also encourage you to help the people of the Philippines today if you are able.

Joel Torre and AMIGO cast/crew members being interviewed by local TV at the benefit screening

We have pictures and a report from the AMIGO benefit screenings that took place in November at the UP Cine Adarna in Quezon City, Philippines.  The screenings raised 27780 pesos (about $635 USD) and over 40 boxes of relief supplies, most of which have been sent to Cebu for the Bohol earthquake relief charity to pick up.  Some proceeds were also sent to typhoon relief efforts in other parts of the country.

We can also report that US benefit AMIGO screenings have raised hundreds of dollars for relief efforts, while introducing even more audience members to the wonderful people and natural beauty of the Philippines.

A picture from the Amigo Para Sa Bohol benefit screening in the Philippines

As a reminder, if you would like to help relief efforts this Giving Tuesday, we recommend that you:

Donate through the Philippine Red Cross (where you can select which cause your donation helps) by clicking here.

Donate to Doctors Without Borders to help people in need of medicine and medical care by clicking here. (Read about DWB’s efforts in the Philippines here.)

Donate to help victims through the US-Philippines Society by clicking here.

Donate to Negrense Volunteers for Change, a home-grown food-distribution volunteer organization. We were alerted to the work of this organization through Mario Ontal, who was a co-producer on AMIGO and has worked on many of John and Maggie’s other films. According to Mario: “The foundation makes these food packets locally, volunteers pack and distribute them, and local shipping & trucking companies run them for free to other, more desperate islands in the region. ” Click here to learn more.

A picture from the Amigo Para Sa Bohol benefit screening in the Philippines

Donate directly to the Divine Word Hospital in Tacloban using the information below.  Read about the work of the Benedictine Sisters who run the hospital, in the wake of the disasters, by clicking here.


St. Scholastica’s College Banco de Oro Taft / Vito Cruz Branch US $ a/c 458 010 8364 Bank account: BDO ACCOUNT NO. 4580000210 Swift Code BNORPHMM

Contact name: Sr. Celine Saplala

Please scan and email your deposit slip to Sister Celine Saplala at, or fax to her attention at 632.559.7593 so the hospital can keep a donations record.  Official receipts can be issued.

Thank you so much for all your efforts and donations to the Amigo Para Sa Bohol cause.  Happy Giving Tuesday!

A picture from the Amigo Para Sa Bohol benefit screening in the Philippines

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