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Go for Sisters Shooting Update 3

Today’s story of on-set hijinks come to us courtesy of Hilary Barraford, who did the background casting for the movie and is also acts in the opening scene.

Hilary, our intrepid correspondent

Tales from the Trenches:

The Case of the Exploding Fire Extinguisher

There are so many moving parts on a film set, and at any moment any one of them can derail. And just like in the movies, it’s always the one you don’t suspect.

I’d like you to meet the least likely culprit.

The culprit

This innocent-looking fire extinguisher, designed to protect us from disaster on set, decided it had had enough of quietly waiting in the wings. During a major company move to our motel location last Wednesday, it mysteriously exploded in the back of our camera truck. (Yes, the truck with the equivalent of a “Baby on Board” because it holds the two most important pieces of filmmaking gear—cameras and sound equipment.)

Maybe it was the scorching heat that has plagued just about every day of our Go For Sisters shoot, or perhaps Red just wasn’t cut out for the grueling pace of an independent film. I’ll let you decide. All the crew knows is that holy wow—did it make a toxic mess!

As soon as the truck landed, our super PAs (just add capes) hopped right to the heinous task of cleaning up. Armed with protective masks (and imaginary hazmat suits), they diligently worked to make the truck sparkle again.

Dirty work

Yule somehow makes that mask look cool.

And what happened to the gear, you ask? Luckily, the camera gear was nestled in (near bomb-grade) cases, and came out of the explosion unscathed. All of our sound equipment, much to Sound Mixer Caleb Mose’s horror, was coated with chemical residue. He painstakingly cleaned every nook and cranny, all the while praying his gear would work, but concocting a critical Plan B. We were able to finish the day using Caleb’s original gear, but he did have to rent a few supplements for the next day’s shoot.

Caleb, making sure all systems are go

So tread with extreme caution, filmmakers—because some days independent film can be downright volatile!

This could happen to you.

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