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GO FOR SISTERS screening at Cape Ann Cinema and Screen THIS WEEK


John Sayles, Maggie Renzi and producing partner Alejandro Springall invite you to join them this week at Cape Ann Cinema and Screen in Gloucester, MA for special screenings of GO FOR SISTERS and THIN YELLOW LINE.


July 7th  |  7:30pm  |  Tickets $15

Producer Alejandro Springall will be joined by John Sayles and Maggie Renzi to present the film.

THE THIN YELLOW LINE chronicles the journey of five men as they travel along an old highway that joins two forgotten Mexican towns. These men are workers who have been hired to paint the centerline that divides the road. They set out in an old ’76 pickup to cover more than a hundred and twenty miles of asphalt with a thin line of yellow paint. And they have less than a fortnight to do it. Toño, the man in charge, is a lonely seventy-one year old man. An old highway hardhat, he helped to build thousands of miles of roads all around Mexico in the seventies. Now he has been put at the head of the crew who are going to paint the thin yellow line. This is how he meets Pablo, a twenty-year-old man who is passing by on his way to the United States to join his brother, who he hasn’t seen in four years. “The Thin Yellow Line” is a story in which nothing ever goes as planned. It’s a story with straight lines, curves and potholes, just like life itself.


July 8th  |  7:30pm  |  Tickets $15

Writer & Director John Sayles and Producer Maggie Renzi will present the film.

When they were girls, Bernice (LisaGay Hamilton) and Fontayne (Yolonda Ross) were as close as sisters. Time and trouble have taken their toll and 20 years later they meet again–when one is the parole officer for the other. Bernice needs help from the dark side and calls on Fontayne, who is just out of prison and fighting to stay clean.  Bernice’s son Rodney is missing and may be found on the Mexican border in hiding or in the hands of smugglers.  The friends enlist “The Terminator” Freddy Suárez (Edward James Olmos), a disgraced ex-LAPD detective suffering from macular degeneration, to help them find the boy before it’s too late. How far would you go for an old friend?

For more information and ticket sales, click here.

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