Film Set Love Stories

Looking back on years of making movies together, John and I like to talk about all the marriages and babies that have come from cast and crew meeting and falling in love on our sets. When you work with somebody, you really get to know them. When you work on a movie, there you are every morning, all day long, and easily in the bar after work, or on the ride back to the hotel. No need to get your courage up to ask for a date. On AMIGO, US Army Extra Bobby Savoca-Guay met Cheska Baun-Barroga, Assistant to her grandmother, Key Hair/Makeup, Cecille Baun. They courted in the Philippines and now are a family, living in NYC. For awhile, we called AMIGO BARYO (which means "village" in Tagalog). That makes these kids Baryo Babies. - Maggie

If you are someone who developed a relationship on a Sayles/Renzi film set, we'd love to hear from you. Write to us at and tell us your story!

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