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>Farewell Bohol


First stop, drop off the dogs. Julius is the guy who carts our stuff up the hill. Thank you, Julius.

How could I have fogotten to take a photo of us with Jun Evasco, Mayor of Maribojoc? We stopped by City Hall to leave posters of AMIGO, with our thanks. No photo of the Mayor, but here is the beautiful poster from the Philippines campaign, from a photo by Mary Cybulski.

Our next stop is Talisay Beach, to visit the Budlong Family that took such good care of us during the AMIGO edit. Dieter with Vincent, Cooper, Tessie, Sophia, and John.

We are sorry to have missed our landlord Sir Ben Udtohan. This is his groovy mah jong club, finished since we were at Talisay Beach earlier this year.

I plan to invite myself to spend the night, next time. And to lose about 20 lbs. before I do!

There’s our girl Sophia with her pal from next door, Inday. We miss you all.

I guess it’s not so surprising to see a tricycle called AMIGO, but I am feeling sentimental

Farewell lunch at Ati-Atihan with Cooper. When will we be back?

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