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EIGHT MEN OUT gets a Blu-ray edition!

eight men out blu ray

In anticipation of the November 24th release of EIGHT MEN OUT Blu-ray edition (courtesy of Olive Films), John spoke to Filmmaker Magazine’s Jim Hemphill about the making of his classic sports film.

Here is an excerpt from the interview:

Filmmaker: How did you attack that problem of taking a very complicated ensemble story and making it something an audience could easily grasp?

John:  One thing I realized early on was that I had a bunch of white guys pretty much the same age with short haircuts wearing uniforms in the days before they had numbers on them. So I introduced each character three times in the opening twenty minutes or so. This is all done through action – either on the field, in the locker room or in the first stirrings of the conspiracy… I did choose three of the characters – Eddie Cicotte, Joe Jackson and Buck Weaver – to be more emotionally sympathetic, and they are the guys whose wives we meet. You always want to give the audience a way in to a movie, and when it has a complex plot it’s good to have a couple people to pick from to guide them along.

Make sure to check out John’s entire interview at Filmmaker Magazine here. And check out other John Sayles films available on Blu-ray at OliveFilms here.

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