>Day Three Free Library of Philadelphia


Don’t give up hope, go see a reading at the Philadelphia Free Library. 200-250 smart Americans who love books. Here are two of them including Concha Alborg, a John Sayles fan.

John read “Gold Fever” chapter. Now I know from his reading that Hod is very young. And Joe Raven! I haven’t heard John act with a Native American accent since he played the Indian in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” in North Conway NH in 1975. Joseph Fox Bookshop must be pleased: John signed 120 copies of the book (only $29.00 which isn’t bad for a cat-squasher). 45 were copies that were ordered through James Fox by people who did not attend the event and the rest were like the nice family here.

Fun for me to see friends along the way. Marty and Mimi’s sister Tina, meeting over A MOMENT.

the Free Library of Philadelphia series is well attended, with many regulars. Perfect lighting, perfect sound, starts right on time, and the signing is set up efficiently in the beautiful stone lobby. Laura and Andy Kahan do a great job. Teamwork: JS with Andy.

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