>Day Five, New York City


How do you get to the Gotham Center from Hoboken? You take the PATH.

Our friend Suzanne Wasserman is the director of the Gotham Center, located in the CUNY Graduate Center campus in the old B. Altman building. The Gotham Center sponsored a reading of A MOMENT IN THE SUN before McSweeney’s took it on, and Suzanne is proud to have him back.

The generous honorarium will help us pay for gas for the tour. The event is well attended even on a rotten cold night (will Spring ever come to New York?) John read “Coney Island”, about Brigid McCoole and Harry Manigault on their first date. He used an Irish brogue and a southern drawl, our man of many voices. We sold a lot of books!

For me one of the best parts of the tour so far is seeing friends. I can’t possibly take photos of everyone but here are Paula and her beautiful daughter Madeleine

and old friends from some of our movies including Nora Chavooshian who designed THE BROTHER FROM ANOTHER PLANET and MATEWAN and Jaqui Pine, Script Supervisor on EIGHT MEN OUT.

Our faithful distributor Dylan Marchetti was working too hard on AMIGO to attend the reading but he stopped by to meet John. They are joined by Arthur Acuña (the assassin Locsin from AMIGO) and Maritina Romulo who has joined the AMIGO distribution outreach team.

Heading back to Hoboken with Art and Maritina and filmmaker Alejandro Springall (MY MEXICAN SHIVAH). Alejandro jumped in the car with us for the Philadelphia and Boston legs of the tour. No room for him when we haul anchor on Thursday and head off to points South.

We have been International House in Hoboken and I’ll miss them.

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