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Creature Cast — Science on Film

Check out this seriously cool animation from a research scientist — good filmmaking can happen anywhere.

The filmmaker/scientist, Sophia Tintori, is the daughter of Mary Cybulski, who shot stills on AMIGO and has been John’s script supervisor on a lot of other movies.  Her Creature Cast series (click here for more) was recently mentioned in the NY Times Science section:

A Brown University scientist, Dr. Dunn has added animation director to his list of titles over the last four years. In 2009, with money from the National Science Foundation for an audio podcast project, Dr. Dunn was convinced by a student — and a squid — to create animations instead. That student, Sophia Tintori, was working on a project on the squid’s very changeable colors. Once Dr. Dunn saw what she created, he said there was no turning back. (click here for the full article)

There are plenty more fascinating Creature Cast videos to explore here.   Thanks, Sophia — and way to go!

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