Along the lake and up to Northwestern University campus.

And past these giant, wonderful houses.

There’s a good breeze here by the lake, but it’s already pretty hot. And in Chicago?

It’s hot. We park and immediately go into AC for cold drinks. Our next stop in Columbia College where John is doing an interview for a documentary about the Chicago author Nelson Algren. Here is John with Producer Gale Sonnenfeld and Director Michael Caplan.

The photo is really to show you this facade of the old Famous Players-Lasky Building, incorporated into this spiffy new addition to the Columbia College campus. Impressive studio too.

Anybody want to invest in a doc about Nelson Algren? Keep your eye on Kickstarter. After another interview, journalist John Kelly and his girlfriend Janet give us a ride to the place where John is reading for the Printers Row Literary Festival.

Here is John with Elizabeth Taylor (in blue) looking about 25 years old. Elizabeth introduces John and guides the Q&A. John reads “Shave and a Haircut” for the last time on the tour. I think he has been inspired by the really good reader of our latest Faulkner audiobook, SANCTUARY, and he gets the voices spot on this time.

A very appreciative audience, as one would expect in Chicago. And here come the friends.

Maureen O’Connor’s VISTA mate, Marie.

Our excellent Accountant from PASSION FISH, Karen Eisenstadt. It was such a treat to see her, and she was even more surprised than I was to see little Chelsea Marcantel all grown up. Chelsea, Angelique, and Noel Marcantel played DAvid Strathairn’s little kids all those years ago.

Here’s Chelsea with “Mr. John” and her excellent fiance Miles. They guide us to their neighborhood Bucktown and nearby Wicker neighborhood-once the hangout of the aforementioned Nelson Algren and now a trendy neighborhood of shops and restaurants. We ate well at Chelsea and Miles’ favorite, Francesca’s Forno.

Can you believe I took a picture of the restaurant and didn’t get one good one of Chelsea and Miles? I am hoping to get to their wedding in Jennings in November. I’ll take a good picture then. We decline various kind invitations to explore Chicago further, and instead scoot back up to Evanston. On the spur of the moment we go to the movies. BRIDESMAIDS and the Woody Allen are sold out, darn it, so we see X-MEN, the latest. Ho-hum is what I say, though you can see Fassbender and MacAvoy enjoying themselves. We have a nightcap in the bar at The Homestead. Very generous bartender and another time we might dress up and try the fine dining there at Quince. Now, to bed.

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