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Celebrate indie film this Independence Day Weekend: The Secret of Roan Inish coming to Netflix strea

We are thrilled to announce that THE SECRET OF ROAN INISH will be available to stream on Netflix beginning July 1st! One of John’s most-loved films, Roan Inish tells the story of 10-year-old Fiona, who learns of the legend that one of her ancestors married a Selkie, a seal that can turn into a human. Near her new home in Donegal Ireland, she glimpses a naked little boy on the Isle of Roan Inish—could it be her brother, who was washed out to sea as a baby and is rumored to have been raised by Selkies?

Jeni Courtney as Fiona

Jeni Courtney as Fiona

A fairy-tale for all ages, Roan Inish is a great movie to share with young and future Sayles fans. It was adapted from the novel Secret of the Ron Mor Skerry, and stars Jeni Courtney as Fiona.

Roan Inish was nominated for three Independent Spirit awards, among others.

And what better time of year to celebrate and revisit John’s movies? Not only is he a forefather of another kind of American Independent, he has also been called “one of the most important public historians of our generation.” Make a marathon out of it this long weekend—THE BROTHER FROM ANOTHER PLANET, LIANNA, PASSION FISH, and GO FOR SISTERS are also available on Netflix streaming.


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