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>Cantonese dialogue for auditions

>Feature film by US Indy giant is looking for two Cantonese speaking men in their 20’s. Dates of employment March 9 &10 plus travel time to Philippines, Bohol, fully paid.

Please record auditions in Cantonese on video using either AVI or Quicktime formats. Go to and click “send file.” You will be prompted to attach the file to send, just like an email. After attaching the file, send to email address

EXT. San Isidro – slit trench – evening

The four coolies attached to the garrison are digging a slit trench –

MOON (CANTONESE) What goes in this hole? 呢個窿用嚟做乜?

CHOP-CHOP (CANTONESE) The white ghosts shit in it 鬼佬用嚟屙屎囉。

MOON (CANTONESE) (CONFUSED) They were out in the field all day. Why don’t they shit there? (疑惑地)佢地已經成日在外面,點解唔在外邊攪掂?

CHOP-CHOP (CANTONESE) Because they’re white. They shit in this hole and then they cover it with lime and then with dirt. 因為佢地係鬼佬;佢地屙完就用石灰舖住,再埋上泥就算。

MOON (CANTONESE) You’re making fun of me. 你開玩笑咋。

CHOP-CHOP (CANTONESE) I’m telling you the truth. I’ve seen them do it. 老實話俾你聽,我見過佢地咁做。

MOON (CANTONESE) It’s some kind of magic. And a terrible waste of shit. 真係神奇;但好浪費啫。

CHOP-CHOP (CANTONESE) Maybe. After they bury it they usually move away. 可能啦;佢地埋完就撤退。

MOON (CANTONESE) It can’t be safe to work for them. I don’t like to carry their bombs. Or their men when they’re wounded. 同佢地做嘢好唔安全。我唔鍾意抬炸彈,或者係傷兵。

CHOP-CHOP (CANTONESE) What do you like to carry? 咁你想抬乜嘢呀?


The others laugh, even the poker-faced Chuckles.

CHOP-CHOP (CANTONESE) These ones feed you better than the black-hair white men. 呢度啲伙食好過黑髮鬼佬嗰邊喎。

MOON (CANTONESE) This is true. 咁又係!

CHOP-CHOP (CANTONESE) And they pay better than the monkey-fuckers in Manila. 佢地俾人工多過馬尼拉嗰啲衰人喎。

MOON (CANTONESE) The ones here are so poor they have no money to pay. 但係呢度啲係窮到無錢請人。

CHOP-CHOP (CANTONESE) The dog-eaters here are so poor they are their own coolies. 嗰班仆街窮到自己做埋咕呢。

MOON (CANTONESE) (signs) And that is as low as a man can sink. 真係折墜。


Children play in the water as WOMEN from the village scrub clothes. The women barely look up as the coolies pass with bundles of soldiers’ clothing-

MOON (CANTONESE) May today we don’t have to dig. 可能今日我地唔使掘喎。

CHOP-CHOP (CANTONESE) I don’t mind digging. Unless it’s after a battle. 我唔介意掘窿,除非佢地啱啱打完仗。

MOON (CANTONESE) That was bad. 真係慘!

They begin to lay the clothes out-

MOON (CANTONESE) They use us like mules, but mules don’t have to bury the dead. 佢地當正我地係騾仔嚟使,但騾仔都唔使埋死人呀!


The coolies are scrubbing clothes in the running water-

CHOP-CHOP (CANTONESE) If you have enough land you can sleep all day while other people work on it. And if the government is forcing men to be soldiers you can pay somebody else to take your place. 如果你有地,就可以人地工作,你自己就印印腳;如果政府徵人入伍,你都可以用錢收買代替你。

MOON (CANTONESE) But if that man is killed his spirit will haunt you. 如果佢地死咗會返嚟搵你喎。

CHOP-CHOP (CANTONESE) Better than being killed yourself. 總好過自己死呀。

MOON (CANTONESE) When I get home I’m going to buy some too. 當我衣錦還鄉都要買返幾個。

CHOP-CHOP (CANTONESE) You gamble too much. You gamble and you lose. 你成日賭錢,而且賭親都輸。

MOON (CANTONESE) But some day my luck is going to change. Without gambling, I’ll be an old man before I have enough to buy land. 終會有一日我會轉運嘅。如果唔賭,到我老咗都搵唔夠錢買地啦。

CHOP-CHOP (CANTONESE) You were born under a bad sign. If your luck changes, it will be for the worst. 你八字生得唔好;就算有運行,都係衰運。

He senses something, look around-

CHOP-CHOP (CANTONESE) Where did they go? 咦! 佢地去咗邊呢?

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