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>And we’re off again


The A MOMENT IN THE SUN tour over, we were home for a week-or about 10 minutes. I had a swell weekend with the ladies on Fisher’s Island

We had such a good time and toasted all you absent friends-often. Then a quick trip up to Williamstown to check on Ma and Pa Renzi. All fine, and then to Hoboken to say goodbye to Maritina Romulo and then off to LA. Where we saw friends, I returned to Natura Spa, and the only photos I took were of Emily Laskin’s roses.

How many times and how many different ways over the past 3 years have we flown to the Philippines? This time we flew from LAX to Inchon via Asiana Air. I recommend the Korean menu. Tammy the amazing President of Origin8 came to the airport to get us with Dayno her heroic husband. What’s the secret to independent distribution? Tireless work. Sunday is the best day in Manila because the streets are almost empty. Late sleep at our home away from home, Stone House Quezon City, and my favorite breakfast of arroz caldo (garlicky rice porridge-try it before you knock it) and then a taxi in the pouring rain to Nuat Thai. I try the Aromatherapy package. It starts with an excellent foot massage and then a full body massage. With oil, which is not my favorite. I like a little more traction. Still, the hot compresses feel good and I know massage is the best way to beat travel weariness. Shabu-shabu (hotpot) for lunch helps too.

IT’S JOEL TORRE’S 50TH BIRTHDAY. (Jose Rizal’s 150th, but we’re not invited).

Here is the birthday boy with his loving and patient wife Cristy looking on.

AMIGO cast and crew were well represented. Fun to see Tita Cecille Baun our makeup/sfx/hair, and Pete Lacaba who translated John’s script to Tagalog.

Here are the newlyweds Cheska and Bobby. We are looking forward to hosting their wedding in Clinton Corners. October?

Joel with Renaissance man Dwight (Props for AMIGO). So many friends and I failed to get pictures of many of them:Margie Templo (engaged to James Parks!), Kokoy Jimenez almost unrecognizable with a new haircut, Spanky and Raul Manikan, Pen Medina partying, Tita Ermie looking as good as ever… see you at the premiere June 28, Trinoma 6pm. Exhibit of Gino’s costumes just before. It’s great to be back in Manila.

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