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Today we truly leave home. We have been enjoying 210 International House, with Art and Maritina in residence representing Manila and Alejandro with us from Mexico City. The backyard International Café is open at all hours, rain or shine.

Look for Keetin Cheung in the front. She is holding the fort while we’re away. I will show you the Prius as soon as we wash it. For now, meet Nicole and her daughter Noah Grace. We eat very, very well chez Salimbene/Bauman. We are here for two nights, which is already a luxury on this schedule.

Dirksen drove us through rush hour traffic to Falls Road in Baltimore, home of John Waters and Atomic Books. John read “Black Bag” which features Dr. Lunceford, a good choice since we were nearby Johns Hopkins and there were medical people in the audience. Among the first time vistors were members of John’s family, including Aunt Honey and her good neighbor Betty.

Aunt Honey’s daughter Eileen wrote to say,, “None of us had every been to anything like that be and it was a lot of fun.”

Here is Ben who owns Atomic Bookstore with Rachel Whang. They sold 30 copies! And if you stop by you can pick up one of the tomes signed by John Sayles.

Atomic Bookstore is not like most other stores, in so many ways. We were happy to see the room packed to standing room again, with locals and some people who had travelled a distance to a new store to hear a storyteller they admire.

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