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An Update from Hawaii

University of Hawaii at Manoa

John and Maggie have spent February in Hawaii, teaching master classes and doing Q&As at the University of Hawaii at Manoa (where John has been in residence as the 2014 Inouye Chair in Democratic Ideals).

Now that their time on the islands is wrapping up, Maggie sends us this greeting, and an artist shout-out.

Greeting from sunny Oahu! I won’t rub it in just to say I am so happy to be away from snow. We’d like to acknowledge Shepard Fairey and thank him for designing the John Sayles independent logo. We met Shepard through Catherine Park (formerly of Giant Robot) right at the time that we were preparing to release Return of the Secaucus Seven, Lianna, and The Brother From Another Planet through IFC (in 2002). Sundance that year was plastered with posters featuring this iconic image:
John Sayles logo by Shepard Fairey

John Sayles logo by Shepard Fairey

6 years before Shepard would tackle a bigger job:

Shepard Fairey with HOPE Posters; photo via

Shepard Fairey with HOPE Posters; photo via

The John Sayles Independent image has been appropriated often, in ways Shepard would Approve of.  Here’s the latest from our career-affirming residency at university of Hawaii Monoa:

UH Manoa flier

A huge thank-you to Shepard Fairey for the incredible images he has given us, and the rest of America.  To check out more of his amazing artwork, visit (click here), or follow him on Twitter @OBEYGIANT.

(And if you plan to use the John Sayles logo in the future, we would be so grateful if you’d credit the artist.)

What’s up next?  The 54th International Film Festival of Cartagena de Indias (FICCI) in Columbia will be presenting a 10-film John Sayles retrospective in March, and John will lead an in-person discussion as part of Salon FICCI.

More details on this film festival coming soon!

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