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An Oversimplification of Her Beauty

This recommendation comes to us from our friend and colleague Dylan Marchetti at Variance, who did a great job of releasing AMIGO.  Today, they are releasing a new indie from a young Brooklyn filmmaker named Terence Nance, called An Oversimplification of Her Beauty

Dylan says:

The film, using a masterful mix of cinéma vérité, traditional narrative, and (ten different kinds of) animation, examines and re-examines Terence’s real life unrequited romance with a Namik, a beautiful young woman from Brooklyn.  This romance was first put on film in his short How Would U Feel?, parts of which are interspersed throughout Oversimplification. Oversimplification takes then takes that short, which was made in part to show Namik how he felt, as a starting point- and then throughout the film, he breaks it up and examines the impact the making, and screening, of the short had on his relationship and the relationships he’s been in with other women, using different styles of animation from watercolor to psychedelic to stop-motion to tell the backstory. Anyone who’s ever been in love but not had it work out can relate- but anyone who’s ever been in love and been unsure how to process it with sabotaging everything will feel it right in their gut.  I see a lot of films, and I haven’t had a film make me feel this way before, forcing me to look at myself as hard as I look at a film.  It felt weird.  Then it felt good.  Really good.

The film opens TONIGHT at the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center (at Lincoln Center) and at Cinema Village (on 12th Street).  There will be filmmaker Q&As after every screening of the film this weekend.  Oversimplification won the Gotham for “Best Film Not Playing In A Theater Near You,” and buzz is beginning to build around the movie and its filmmaker.  You won’t want to miss it!

As readers of the blog know well, we are very passionate about encouraging people to “vote with your wallets” to keep indie film alive and talented filmmakers of all ages making great work.  Help us by checking out this film if you’re in the NYC area, and then spreading the word to your friends!

Official site: Twitter: @ofherbeauty Facebook:

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