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Amigo is now on Hulu, Hulu+, and Netflix

Did you miss Amigo in theatres?  Just can’t wait for the DVD to see it again?  Your waiting days are over!

Amigo is on Hulu and Hulu+

You can see the movie on Netflix Watch Instantly

You can now watch Amigo on Hulu, Hulu+, AND Netflix Watch Instantly.

These online movie channels have become great supporters of independent film, and being featured means that a wide range of people who might never have had access to this film can now experience it.  For instance, on Netflix, many people have commented things like:

“I found this movie just looking for something to watch on Netflix and I’m so glad I did.”

Also, many users have pointed out that:

“This is the first full-length entertainment film offering a realistic and historically-faithful portrayal of any aspect of the Philippine-American War”

and been very glad to finally have a living history of that part of US history.  But probably our very favorite Netflix comments are the ones that go something like this one from a Filipino-American:

“It was as if I was watching slices of my grandparents’ lives as I was watching this movie.”

Both educational and retail editions of the Amigo DVD are in the works (for 2012 and 2013, respectively), but in the meantime, it is fantastic to know that people are still enjoying and being moved by Amigo all over the world, this time in their own homes with their families.

If you want to help create buzz for Amigo on Hulu, Hulu+, and Netflix, it’s very easy.  The more people watch the movie and comment on it, the more visible it becomes on these networks.  This will also show Hulu and Netflix that there is a demand for thoughtful, inspiring independent film, and encourage them to keep supporting indie movies.

So settle in for a movie night at home this weekend, tell your friends to check it out for themselves, and then give us a user review if you enjoy Amigo.  The best way to get the word out about this fantastic film is to see it for yourself, and then promote it in your own voice.

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