>AMIGO in Bohol


Next stop, Cooper has organized a fantastic Soiree/Fashion Show by the newly formed Baryo/Amigo Performance Group. The Bohol premier organizers (including Melany Clarin, absent here) have designed a wonderful MADE IN BOHOL poster. We are getting a lot of mileage out of Stills Photographer Mary Cybulski’s beautiful images.

The event features our Baryo Villagers, dressed in their stand-out costumes designed by Gino Gonzales. The audience of students from Tagbilaran couldn’t be less interested in John and me when we talk, but when the show begins they are rapt. They go wild for the little girls (they have grown and their skirts no longer touch the ground). How did Cooper organize such an excellent show: after their many days performing in AMIGO the villagers are disciplined, at ease and even sassy, and anyway Cooper is a miracle worker. I am so proud.

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