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>All the way to California


The weather is changing overnight and we watch it grow as we head to California.

We are deep into Keith Richards by now and the miles fly. The second reader is more histrionic than Johnny Depp, but the stories are good. By now John and I are talking a lot about our other cross-country drives. Once, in a Drive-Away. Does that still happen? Somebody needs a car delivered across the country and gives it to two strange kids and says, see you in California? Then we drove in the winter of 1977 to live in Santa Barbara. We drove back with my sister Marta to make RETURN OF THE SECAUCUS SEVEN in 1978, and drove back to Santa Barbara with a car full of film. We drove one last time-1979?-to return to live in New York. That’s 5 times crossing the country together, and by tonight the count will be 6. That’s not counting the times John hitch hiked in the 60’s and early 70’s, and when I drove on the Gone to Look for American Pie Tour with Galia and Alan the year John made EIGHT MEN OUT.

John and I have seen a lot of America. I am driving as we plunge down the San Bernardino Mountains into fog and rain. Ugh. We are back in civilization. We make the mistake of jumping into the commuter lane and end up circling around Downtown till we peel off and stop on Western for some Korean food.

By the time we get to Janet and Doug Tashjian’s in Playa Vista, I am very happy for a beer. We have arrived in California.

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