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>A Really Special Day

> Okay, every day is special. But today we spent with Will Oldham. We haven’t hung out with Will for so long I can’t remember. He played Danny, the boy preacher in MATEWAN. We have followed his career as an actor and even more as a- what- Alt Musician? He was a boy of 15 and now he is a lovely man.

We stayed with Will in a house with high ceilings that keep it cool. He took us around his city, where he grew up, but first we had lunch. Sorry it’s not much of a picture. I especially wanted to show Michael Preston, whom you know from our Book Tour stop in Hartford. He was Will’s tutor and companion on MATEWAN.

We haven’t been in Louisville since EIGHT MEN OUT when we shot at Churchill Downs. Will took us to Cave Hill Cemetery.

Colonel Sanders

A magician.

Too many Confederate dead.

I keep looking for signs of diaster from the flooding. Here the Ohio has receded from the park along the bank. Louisville was lucky.

We go back to Will’s to perk up for the reading tonight. Lovely roses, at his house and here at his neighbor’s. Did you ever see a house with a clock in the front yard?

Back in our office, Keetin was going through Matewan materials in anticipation of its release by MGM and I thought you might want to take these on your trip down Memory Lane:

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