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127th Annual AHA Meeting was a great success!

At the beginning of 2013, John and Maggie spent a few days in New Orleans at the 127th Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association.

In addition to screening six of John’s movies in a film festival that ran January 3rd – 5th, the AHA also hosted two panels discussing John’s work:

Thinking Through History with John Sayles A Conversation with John Sayles

The Educational Edition of AMIGO was also a big topic of discussion at the AHA Meeting, since the movie beautifully illustrates an often-overlooked part of American History.  Maggie and John had a lovely time in New Orleans, and Maggie tells me it was rewarding to have each movie discussed in its own academic and historical context.

John also gave the below interview, with the AHA was kind enough to publish on the WebsEdge/Education YouTube channel.

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