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Looking back on years of making movies together, John and I like to talk about all the marriages and babies that have come from cast and crew meeting and falling in love on our sets. When you work with somebody, you really get to know them. When you work on a movie, there you are every morning, all day long, and easily in the bar after work, or on the ride back to the hotel. No need to get your courage up to ask for a date. On AMIGO, US Army Extra Bobby Savoca-Guay met Cheska Baun-Barroga, Assistant to her grandmother, Key Hair/Makeup, Cecille Baun. They courted in the Philippines and now are a family, living in NYC. For awhile, we called AMIGO BARYO (which means "village" in Tagalog). That makes these kids Baryo Babies. - Maggie

If you are someone who developed a relationship on a Sayles/Renzi film set, we'd love to hear from you. Write to us at and tell us your story!

Every Monday in March John Sayles will be giving virtual talks on some of his films with the Gene Siskel Film Center of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

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March 8: LONE STAR

March 15: LIMBO



It's a good day for Democracy. It's a good day to celebrate. John Sayles and I are going to celebrate Democracy by committing to support the Get Out the Vote groups that helped us to win- monthly, that's the ticket.

All these organizations depend on cash. With monthly commitments, they can make a budget to pay their field staff year round. Commit to $5, $10, $25- multiply times 12 and ask yourself how much you blew on last minute donations to Ditch Mitch or Sink Collins.

Some of the groups that really delivered include:

Fair Fight Action

We all know Stacey Abrams. Fair Fight/New Georgia Project is committed to spreading the voter turnout efforts to Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama. They wrote the book on it.

Black Voters Matter

If you haven't seen LaTosha Brown in action, check her out and be inspired all over again.

Voto Latino

Maria Teresa Kumar is a name you may know. The Latino/Latinx vote is growing, and it should be Democratic. We have to support the grassroots groups that invite in the new voters.

Democratic Party of Wisconsin

Wisconsin Dems, under Ben Wikler, ran a great mid-term and delivered Wisconsin. They don't give up.

Let's help them all stay in the fight.


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