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We've made it to California! Thanks for joining us on the journey. I'll write again once we've settled. - Maggie

I was very happy to discover the quieter, less corrupted, upstairs sitting area. And an Old Fashioned (none can beat the Brown Hotel) with my favorite Scrabble companion. Look at the cool train set left from the old times. - Maggie

Mojave desert landscape and PALM TREES. As the temperature warms, we drop to 4000 and then 2000 ft. No more snow and the sun is hot. We pull off layers of clothes and toss them in the back. Then in Palmdale on the Pear Blossom Hwy hundreds of Joshua Trees. Stopped at a Trading Post. They had postcards! Rare as hen's teeth these days. You used to be able to stop at any gas station shop and tell from the postcard selection what the locals thought was important about where they lived. - Maggie

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