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limbo (1999)

written and directed by john sayles

Screen Shot 2020-08-05 at 2.58.33 PM.png

Set in the wilds of southeast Alaska this “haunting and hypnotic thriller” (Peter Travers, Rolling Stone) is a movie about risk and redemption. Traumatized by a fishing boat accident many years before, Joe Gastineau (David Strathairn) has given up his hopes for a life beyond the odd jobs he takes to support himself. That quickly changes when nomadic club singer Donna de Angelo (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) and her troubled teen-age daughter (Vanessa Martínez) enter Joe’s life. Both mother and daughter fall for Joe, increasing the friction between them. The tension continues to build when Joe invites them on a pleasure cruise up the Alaskan coast, discovering too late that the trip may cost them their lives. The ending has remained controversial since its debut in the Official Selection at the Cannes Film Festival.

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