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eight men out(1988)

written and directed by john sayles

Eight Men Out Poster .png

The pennant-winning 1919 Chicago White Sox baseball team are owned by Charles Comiskey– a penny-pinching autocrat who underpays his players and buys the affection of the local sportswriters. When gamblers discover that the most demoralized of the Sox are ripe for a scheme that combines revenge with profit, they entice the key players to throw the World Series. Like most conspiracies, this one starts to unravel from the outset- gamblers betraying gamblers who are betraying the players who are betraying each other- all leading to a national scandal that rips the cover off America’s favorite pastime. With a knockout cast on the field and in the stands (John Cusack, Charlie Sheen, David Strathairn, Studs Terkel, Christopher Lloyd- it goes on from there), Eight Men Out is often listed among the Best Sports Movies Ever Made.

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